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Bev Anderson Construction Inc. is the result of a lifetime of passion for carpentry and construction.
It is built upon a deep personal philosophy of unparalleled service and attention to detail.


Bev Anderson Construction Inc. has been successfully operating for over 20 years.
From the outset in 1993, we have specialized in New & Custom Homes, Additions, and Renovations, servicing properties throughout the entire south coast of Ontario.

We have always made a point of taking a very personal approach to our business, personally overseeing all aspects of a project to make sure everything is kept on-track, and that your project is properly supervised to completion. We believe in transparency - keeping you fully informed about what is going on with the project at all times, so that you remain comfortable with the process.

Bev Anderson Construction Inc. is about personal approach, effective communication and quality. Quality craftsmanship, quality design, quality service, and most importantly, a quality final product.


The Man behind the Business

Bev Anderson was 14 years old when he worked on his first project. It was a big job, and a logistical nightmare: Bev helped to build a log cabin in remote Northern Ontario, on an island that had no road access. They say that pressure makes diamonds, and that was certainly the case with Bev: He walked away from that project with a new-found, unshakable love for construction.

Once he was of age, Bev travelled the country, working on construction sites throughout Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and the Northwest Territories, before returning to Norfolk County to apprentice with a master carpenter in the 1980s.

As Bev describes his apprenticeship, “I was fortunate to start my career with such a small, talented crew. I could have easily been on the shovel for years with a larger outfit. They threw me right into the mix.”

In 1993, Bev received his Journeyman Carpenter papers, founded Bev Anderson Construction Inc, and has been working for himself ever since.


A Legacy of Quality Service

If you understand Bev's dedication to quality and his desire to go above and beyond the status quo, then you know that the story of Bev Anderson Construction Inc. doesn’t end here.

Inspired by the quality of his own apprenticeship, Bev has taken a number apprenticing carpenters under his wing over the years, taking care to provide them the same level of hands-on experience that he’d received.

As a testament to both the high calibre of craftsman Bev has honed, as well as his personable, friendly approach to his business, many of these carpenters who have trained under Bev still work alongside him as partners. Through the skills and values that Bev has instilled in these apprentices, Bev has introduced a legacy of quality to construction and carpentry on the south coast.


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