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Everyone's life changes from time to time.
Additions are a way that your house can change along with your circumstances, and continue to meet your needs.


  1. Growing Homes for Growing Families

    An addition can add some much-needed space to a room that can get a little too cramped as your household grows. Extensions to your kitchen, dining room, or rec room can give your family a little extra breathing space during get-togethers.
    A few simple comforts like an extra bathroom or separate bedrooms can make a big difference in comfort for a growing family.

  2. Make Your Home Even More

    Additions can also accommodate for other types of change.
    If you find yourself hosting out-of-town guests, adding a proper guest room can make visits much more comfortable.
    If you’re working from home, adding a dedicated home office can help improve your focus and productivity. And, if you’re planning on getting serious about a hobby, a fully-equipped workshop or studio can make sure that you have a professional-grade suite with all the privacy you need.

  3. Add A Little Luxury

    Additions don’t have to be about achievements and milestones.
    We do a range of additions that are all about you, such as enclosed porches to enjoy warm weather without worrying about the bugs, or a unique space to entertain your friends.
    Any room you’ve always wanted is just one addition away!

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